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Success Over Suicide Book


Are you questioning if you can experience the fulfillment of success in your personal life, career, or business? If so, author and inspirational speaker, TES has the answer for you in her new book, Success Over Suicide: How to Redefine Success and Transform Your Life.

It’s time for you to stop waiting for success because success is waiting for you. You may be questioning if you can succeed, but in this book, TES will be empowering you with the tools on how to redefine success for yourself!

Most people fail to succeed in living out the success they desire in their career, business, or personal life because they are too busy living their fears and allowing self-doubt to kill their dreams. You can begin to experience success the moment you stop living your fears. It is true that you can have the success you desire, but before the truth can set you free you must realize the lie that’s holding you, hostage.

The lies that may be holding you hostage could be that your current circumstance can never change, you’re not good enough, or that it’s too late to start. In this book, TES will be taking you on a journey of not just her personal story, but she’ll also be providing you with the tools and principles on how to eliminate self-doubt, overcome adversity, and achieve your desired goals!