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What to Expect?







What to Expect?

Organizations book TES because she is a dependable and dedicated professional who offers a high level of competency when speaking on the importance of mental wellness and soul care. TES provides an experience filled with knowledge and inspiration which helps teams and organizations gain more accountability and momentum to not only meet but exceed their goals.

The Magical Advantage of Mental & Physical Health

Unfortunately, many suffer from mental health obstacles such as depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or lack the desire to participate in any physical activities. TES will educate your organization on how mental health can impact physical health. Also how physical health can improve their mental wellness. TES believes that the more professionals can identify with their traumas or hardships, this will help navigate through goals or projects with more healing and strength.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death. This number is growing amongst young adults. TES carefully addresses this issue for those who may have suicidal thoughts or loss, someone, to suicide. If your school is looking to address suicide prevention, TES has an eye-opening message to share on achieving in life.

UNITY: LGBTQ+ Acceptance

Approximately 60% of LGBTQ youth have reported feelings of sadness, low self-esteem, and loss of hope. TES has a message for organizations to help them realize they are worthy of any life they have chosen and the art of experiencing self-love.

The Superpower of Overcoming Adversity

Oftentimes, once we experience obstacles in life they become unmotivated or discouraged. TES looks forward to sharing the beauty of alchemy with your organization. TES will teach the superpower of using obstacles to break through any barriers in life in order to have a positive outcome instead of a negative downward spiral. This ideology will help your organization feel empowered to rise above any difficulties they may face.

Self-Love & Advocacy

Self-love is the foundation of any relationship. The relationship with self impacts the trajectory of every other relationship. Self-love is obtained once self-awareness is developed and this will help your team identify their self-worth and value. TES can speak to your organization on techniques to increase self-awareness and how to express self-love daily. This will help organizations build esteem for themselves and increase their overall advocacy for themselves and care for others.

SOUL Wellness

TES believes the secret to success is discovering the happiness of the soul. TES will speak to your organization on how to connect and embrace soul care by opening their hearts, unleashing fear and learning how to love self unconditionally. TES has spoken on the importance of soul care to several organizations and has witnessed the increase in productivity, clarity and team work achieved.